Best URL Shortener you can use to Earn Money Online


URL Shortener you can use to Earn Money Online

There are various ways with which you can earn money online. The most famous and common ways to earn money online are Websites/Blogs and Youtube. Along with these, you can do Affiliate Marketing, Paid Reviews, Sponsorship, etc. But have you ever think of earning money through shortening a URL’s. Then you are landed in the right place. Yes, you heard it right there are the numbers of websites where you can earn money by using URL shorteners. But wait there is a small catch, but before that let’s take a look at.

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What is the URL shortener?

A URL shortener tool reduces the length of a complex URL and makes it short and straightforward.

The best part of a URL shortener is that it doesn’t require any investment and doesn’t need any technical skills as well. What all you need is to share the shortened URL and get maximum clicks to generate revenue from it. Also, you don’t need to have a website or blog. You can use forums, as well as social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. or else you can share while commenting on any post from blogs or websites. Some of the websites don’t allow to share on Facebook. Whenever a visitor clicks on your shortened URL, some money will be credited to your URL Shortener Account. It’s as simple as that.

What is the use of URL Shortener?

We use the Internet to share things with others, and whenever we use a link or a web address. Sometimes these addresses can be long and complex, which may look ugly, hence to reduce the length and complexity we use a URL shortener. Also, it is been useful to hide affiliate links so that the user doesn’t get an idea of what they are clicking.

So, here I’m sharing the top 15 URL shortener websites with which you can earn passive income online without investing a single penny.

How the URL Shortner works?

There is no rocket science here, whenever someone clicks on the shortened link, you will get paid is as simple as that. You can get $4 to $5 for every 1000 clicks depending on your region. The rates also vary from website to website. When a user clicks on these shortened URL, it opens up in a new tab and shows the advertisement for 5 seconds or more, before it redirects to the original URL.

Here are some of the best URL Shrinker, you can use to generate income for yourself online.

1] Shortzon

Shortzon is relatively new and it is the highest paying URL shortener in India. In such a short period, the company has won the trust of users. You can register for free and will good to go. If you know how to drive traffic on your URL you can earn unlimited. The minimum payout of Shortzon is only $3, and the payment is done daily through PayPal.


Like the Shortzon you need to create a free account first and then start shortening the URL. is one of the most popular services out there in the market. With you can earn up to $25 depending on the region. Because of there differents rates for every country. As per, you will earn maximum money on traffic from the Marshall Islands.

3] LinkzFly

LinkzFly is one of the best and highest paying URL Shortener. You will get a much higher payment with LikzFly Shortener. Like the other two LinkzFly and very easy to get going. You just need to create an account,  create a short link and then post it. The minimum payout is $5 before you get paid. The payment is made through PayPal, Paytm/UPI (India Only), Skrill, bKash (Bangladesh). With LinkzFly you can get paid daily

4] Shrinkearn

Shrinkearn is very popular and one of the highest paying URL Shortener in the market to earn money online. You just need to register for free then you can start earning as per your potential. Shinkearn has a dedicated customer service team to help out users.  The minimum payout you get with Shrinkearn is just 5$, you can also get a 25% referral bonus. The user gets paid by Paytm.

5] is one of the fastest-growing URL shorteners.  With you can start to earn passive income online. The website is easy to use and, it is a completely free service. The best thing about is its referral program. If you refer someone and if they join the website using your link. You will earn 30% of the earning of your referral for a lifetime. The minimum payout for this website is just $1, so you don’t need to wait too long as soon as your earning crossed $1 you can raise payout request. The website’s payouts are handled by PayPal, Bitcoin, ePayments, WebMoney, Bank Wire, and Payeer.


Like other URL Shortener is completely free. It is one of the most popular and highest paying URL shorteners to be available in the market. gives you a great opportunity to earn money online by just shortening the URL. The company offers an in-depth analysis of the audience and devises strategies to increase your earnings. offers a minimum payout of $5 only and it can be paid via PayPal. If you refer someone you will get 25% of referral’s earning.

7] ClicksFly

ClicksFly is one very much popular and the best URL shortener out in the market to earn money online. Like all others, the website offers free registration to get going. ClicksFly comes with a full-featured control panel which allows you to control all the features with a click of a button. Your earning should reach $3 before you can ask for payouts and the payment can be withdrawn using PayPal, Paytm (India Only), Payoneer, Bitcoin.


Earning money online made simple by, it is one of the best URL Shortener to make money on the internet. Under the referral program of the offers 20% as referral bonus to the users. The minimum payout on this URL Shortener is $5. It of support for PayPal, UPI (India Only), Payoneer and Bitcoin.

There are plenty of other websites that offer the same earning options, and hence I have covered the best and the most popular one.  You can check a few other websites below, which offers more or less similar earning option.

Shortzon Wicr
Mini ClicksFly CutWin FC.LC Linkvertise
LinkzFly Linkbucks Spaste Shrtfly
Shrinkearn ShrinkMe AdShrink Link Just CPMlink PowClick

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We at TechTaza brings all the latest information to you from all over the world. We also covered the basics of Blogging and tutorial related to website development, online earning etc.

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