WordPress 5.4 Update Things You Should Know

wordpress 5.4 update

Earlier today, WordPress released WordPress 5.4, the release said to be the first major update of 2020. WordPress is always trying to improve the user experience, and as a result, we see new updates coming through from WordPress. This new update will bring plenty of new features which further enhanced user experience and more fun in writing and editing post in WordPress Editor. Thus you will...

Best Way to Get AdSense Approval for a Lyrics Website in 2020

How to get Google AdSense Approval For Lyrics Website

Getting AdSense Approval for any website is becoming a tricky thing day by day. Google is always making changes to its policies on regular intervals resulting in new users finding it difficult to get through the AdSense Approval Process. I started a Lyrics website in August 2019 and got AdSense approved in my first attempt in November 2019. Throughout this article, I am going to share...

Top Video Editing Software for PC in 2020 | Windows

best video editing software for pc

Top Video Editing Software for PC has become an essential part for so many online content creators, especially those who have started recently. With a ton of video editors out there and the landscape constantly changing, here’s my latest round-up of the best video editing software for Windows right now. Including free, paid, and professional, to help you decide which one is the best for you...



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay  LATEST TECHNOLOGY TRENDS IN 2019 Technology is the word we hear day and day out as well as the sentence ‘It has changed a lot’. Indeed it has changed a lot in recent times and evolving faster than ever. The things which we do in everyday life are related to Technology. It is now evolving so rapidly that recent innovations seem to be much...



Zoho Mail  Zoho Mail – AdventNet Inc was the first name of Zoho Corporation based out of Silicon Valley, California, which is the home for many start-ups including Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. It is an all in one complete ecosystem for a web-based online office suite. It is the solution for all your online business needs very much like what Google is offering but...

Best URL Shortener you can use to Earn Money Online


URL Shortener you can use to Earn Money Online There are various ways with which you can earn money online. The most famous and common ways to earn money online are Websites/Blogs and Youtube. Along with these, you can do Affiliate Marketing, Paid Reviews, Sponsorship, etc. But have you ever think of earning money through shortening a URL’s. Then you are landed in the right place. Yes, you...

How to Create Contact Page using Google Forms in Blogger


Contact Us page is one of the most important pages from your website. It helps website visitors to connect with you and to understand what they need. It is also important to have business communication with you and more importantly when you applied your website to enrol in the Google Adsense program, it is mandatory to have the contact page on your website.  If you want to start a blog on...

Google Adsense: Things You Should Know Before Applying


Google Adsense Google Adsense is the monetization program from Google which offers you to show ads on your Websites, Apps, or YouTube videos and helps you to generate revenue from those ads. You need not place the ads on your website or app, what you have to do is to copy-paste AdSense code onto your website and then Google will decide which ads to show. Basically, Google Adsense works in the...

How to Make a Website Without Hosting Plan.


How to Make a Website? Website development is not that tricky and expensive as it was used to be earlier. Nowadays you can create your own website under a few clicks by paying some bucks. In today’s blog, I will be discussing how you can create a website without a hosting plan. A website or web site is a collection of web pages which contains information and multimedia contents. A website...



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