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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the monetization program from Google which offers you to show ads on your Websites, Apps, or YouTube videos and helps you to generate revenue from those ads. You need not place the ads on your website or app, what you have to do is to copy-paste AdSense code onto your website and then Google will decide which ads to show. Basically, Google Adsense works in the interest of the visitors. For example, if you have had searched smartphones on Amazon and then visits, any other website which is having Google Adsense on their site will show you the ads of the smartphones you have checked recently.

That is the reason why Google Adsense is the most popular monetization tool amongst all tech enthusiasts out there and those who want to make a career online. If you want to start a passive income from your website or app you should consider the factors which I have mentioned below. Because as per Mill For Business website approximately 380 new websites are created every minute, so you can imagine the amount of competition is out there and that is the reason why getting AdSense approval is a little difficult as Google has set some checklist to approve your website.

Getting approval for Google Ad Sense is no longer easy but not impossible. You might hear that some of the users get approval quickly and some of them not even after a month. So in this article, I will be talking about what are the things you need to consider while applying for Google Ad Sense. ( I am assuming that you already have a Google Adsense account. )

Who Can Apply?

An individual above 18 years old can apply for Google AdSense.

When Can You Apply

Once you have completed the following steps you can consider applying for Google AdSense

First I will be covering up the major factors that you need to consider before enrolling in Ad Sense Program.

  1. Online Presence
  2. Design & Layout
  3. High Quality/Unique Content
  4. Four Mandatory Pages
  5. Copy Past Code
  6. Update Payment Details
  7. Website Traffic

1. Online Presence – 

The very first thing is to enroll with the Google Ad Sense program is to have an online presence, it may be in the form of YouTube Channel or Website or App. So I assumed you have at least one of the platforms to publish your content online.

Wait Don’t just hurry your-self to apply for Ad Sense that will lower your chance to approve Ad Sense quickly.

2. Design & Layout –

When you published your post on a blog or a website, it should be readable and well presented to the viewers/readers, if you use dark color background, and nonuniformity in the text can result in bad user experienced to the viewers/readers. Try to avoid dark color background. Google doesn’t entertain such blogs or websites. Hence it is important to use good quality themes.

Along with the design, you should also make provision for Google ads, means you need to left some places on your website to show Google Ads. Only then Google can display ads on your pages. But don’t worry, all the default and third party templates come with the provision for ad sense.

3. High Quality / Unique Content – 

Now that your online and publishing your content on either on Website or YouTube or App you need to understand that publishing high quality or unique content is very important to get going with the Ad Sense. Always remember that ‘Content is the King, But Quality Content is the King of King’ and hence while making the content make sure you produce something unique and that will be the interest of the reader.

If your applying for a website then make sure the content should be grammatically correct and there should not be the use of copyright images. Always try to avoid images from Google search, because most of them are labeled as copyrights. Try to get images from free to use a website like Pixabay etc.

4. Four Mandatory Pages –

High quality/Unique content is not alone sufficient to get through Ad Sense. Google also looks for the following pages on your website.

  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Us

If you don’t know how to write Privacy Policy and Disclaimer you can search in Google, you will get the same. Similarly, for the contact page, you can use Google form.

To know how to create Contact Us page using Google Form, click here

5. Copy Paste Code – 

To run Google’s Ad on your page, you need to copy-paste Google Ad-Sense code on your website. To copy-paste code go to HTML section and under <head> tag past the code which you get, when you registered your website on Ad Sense program. The code will be similar to the screenshot attached below. Make sure you copy the code from your Google Ad Sense account only and not from any other websites.

6. Update Payment Details –

Updating payment details in your Google Ad Sense account is very important, also contact your bank for SWIFT Code, you will get SWIFT Code online on the bank website and others as well but to be on the safer side, contact your bank customer care for confirmation. You will also be stumbled upon Intermediary Bank details, but don’t worry those are optional and Google holds such details for majority banks.

7. Website Traffic –

Even after you consider all of the above parameters your Ad Sense approval still can be under review if you don’t have enough traffic on your website. Having a good amount of traffic can make your case stronger and will help you to get approval quickly.

If you follow the above factors your chances of getting Adsense approval will increase. There are few other factors you need to consider such as

  • Age of the Domain – If your domain is new and less than one month old can result in a delay in Adsense approval. 

  • Number of Post – Never apply for Adsense if you have less than 20 posts on your blog and don’t stop posting until you get an approval.

  • Word Count – The word count also matters to Google for applying to Adsense, when you write a post make sure you write it in detail with a minimum of 1000 words per post.

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We at TechTaza brings all the latest information to you from all over the world. We also covered the basics of Blogging and tutorial related to website development, online earning etc.

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