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Contact Us page is one of the most important pages from your website. It helps website visitors to connect with you and to understand what they need. It is also important to have business communication with you and more importantly when you applied your website to enrol in the Google Adsense program, it is mandatory to have the contact page on your website. 

If you want to start a blog on Google Blogger and then wants to convert it into a full-fledged website you must know how to add a contact page on your website. There are various ways you can choose online, like using the contact form creator website which can create a contact form with just a few clicks. Some may offer you for free or some may charge you a few bucks for added services. If you know the coding you can write a code for your self and can make your own contact.

In this article, I will help you to create a contact page for your website using Google Form. If you don’t know what is Google Form then it is a Forms creating tool from Google with which you can create a form as per your need. So, in this case, you will require a contact form to get the basic details of the visitors who want to send you a message through your website. First, go to Google Forms and under the Personal tab select Go to Google Forms. Take look at below screenshot for reference.

 Now, you will see the option to create a new form or else you can select it from templates as per your need. I would recommend to start with a blank form and create your own, as you are making an only basic form where, you will asking visitor Name, Email ID and Message.

After you select the blank option you will come across the page which will ask you to enter the question in the selected option. First Give the name to the Form as Contact Us then add a description if required. You can leave it blank as it’s a simple contact us page and don’t need a description. In this case, I will use a description text box to add Company Name, Address and Email ID, remember it is not mandatory to give this details, it depends on what you wish to add instead of description. But if you add this stuff, it will add extra value to your Form and it will look professional. 

The Google Forms will automatically decide which type of text box you need. For instance, when you type Name (Visitor Name in this case) in question one it will select a Short Answer text box. While creating questions make sure you enable Required option if the question is mandatory to be filled by the contact person. For example Name, Email Address and Message are important fields to get from the visitors, so always enable Required option.

You can also add Phone Number or question like “How did you hear about us?”  etc. Don’t try to make Form lengthy because users don’t like to spend much time to fill lengthy forms. Always keep it short and simple. You can use the control panel on the right side to add images, YouTube videos, and can change the appearance of the Form. Make sure you use lighter colour shades and try to avoid using complex Images. 

Once you are finished with the form, the next most important thing is to add this Form on the Contact Us page of your blog or website made using Google Blogger. To create a Contact page in Blogger, go to the Pages section from the left side panel. Now create a new page with the title as “Contact Us“. 

Now go the Google Forms where you have created a contact form. Open the form and then click on Send button at the top right-hand corner. 

New pop will be opened. In that box go the Embed HTML section and copy the code. Before that make sure you select the dimension of the contact form. Enter what Width and Height you want to give to your form, don’t make it either to small or too large To select Width and Height of the form, enter the size in the text box. 

Now again go the Blogger and under the Pages section open the page which you have created as a Contact US page. When you write any post on Google Blogger, you will see two switch buttons at the top-left corner of the screen as [ Compose | HTML ]. By default Compose option is selected. Click on HTML mode and clear the existing code and paste the code which you have copied from Google Forms as shown in the above image. This is your contact page and you don’t want people to post comments, to disable the comment option click on Post Setting and go to the Options menu. In Options Menu under the Reader comments select ‘Don’t allow, hide existing’ option and click on done. Now you are good to publish the page only then can user will able to see it on your blog or website.

You have done everything right until this point, now you need link this page on your blog or website. To do that go to the Layout section on your Blogger. Under the Layout look for Page List (Top) widget. Click on edit symbol on the right side.

A new window will open to configure page list. In that window first, check the box to enable the Page List (Top) widget and then select the checkbox for Contact Us page. Your contact page is now up and running. To link a page can sometimes require a proper link to enter if you choose third party templates. You will not get Page List (Top) option in every templates in-fact it will vary from templates to templates. On some templates, it is referred to as a navigation bar or menu list. If you still find any problem please feel free to let me know by commenting below, I will be more than happy to help you.

Thanks for the taking time and reading article. To know How to make a website without hosting?

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We at TechTaza brings all the latest information to you from all over the world. We also covered the basics of Blogging and tutorial related to website development, online earning etc.

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