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Zoho Mail – AdventNet Inc was the first name of Zoho Corporation based out of Silicon Valley, California, which is the home for many start-ups including Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. It is an all in one complete ecosystem for a web-based online office suite. It is the solution for all your online business needs very much like what Google is offering but relatively on a smaller scale with a higher growth rate. Zoho’s web-based online business suite containing Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Databases, Note-Taking, Wikis, Web Conferencing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management, and Invoicing.

As technology evolving day by day, Internet and Cloud things have grown exponentially and the online presence becomes a need of an hour for all the businesses. Even the nature of the business is not related to the internet, having a website or email address for that matter is very important to take your business to the next level. Thus, from small to medium scale business required an email address for business communications. Some may opt for free email address providers such as Google, Yahoo, etc or some may go and host their domain email addresses with email hosting companies for the professional way of communication. 

In this article, I will be covering the below points, which will help you to get email hosting and the process to host free email address with zero investment. 

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1. What is Email Hosting?
2. Why do we need an Email Hosting?
3. Various Email Hosting Providers?
4. Why Zoho Mail?
5. How to set up Zoho Mail?

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting service is similar to web hosting, which hosts custom email addresses on the servers. It is an internet hosting service that rents out email servers. It is usually a premium service which cost you depending on the numbers of Email addresses you host. That differentiates Email hosting from typical free webmail sites such as Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Email hosting is required a domain name to get going and generally used by a small and medium-sized business (SMBs). A typically hosted business email address is in the form of xyz@companyname.com. The large enterprise doesn’t use email hosting, instead, they own email servers for business email addresses. 

Why do we need an Email Hosting?

Email hosting is the internet hosting service that allows you to create a company-owned email address with custom domain names. As explained in the above paragraph, every small and medium-sized business needs an email address for a formal way of communication on the internet. Which helps them to interact with clients and customers.

Various Email Hosting providers?

Zoho Mail is not alone Email Hosting provider in the market. In-fact the market is flooded with tons of service providers such as Google (G Suite for Business), Microsoft Office 365, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc. You can choose any of them as per your needs and demographics. These are all premium Email hosting provider which allows a timely subscription. These providers will be charged you on the numbers of email addresses hosted on their servers. 

Often Email Hosting service comes free with the website hosting plan which offers email hosting for single to unlimited email accounts depends on the price of a package you choose. This package system is ideal for those who opt for web hosting and required more than one email address. What if on your initial period you only required a single email address? and if you have hosted your blog or website on free hosting like Blogger. Then having a paid Email hosting will incur an unnecessary cost to you. To avoid this situation you have free Email Hosting.

Why Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail offers you free as well as paid Email Hosting services. If your an individual and recently started your business and your requirement is for just a single email address then Zoho Mail is the obvious choice for you. Zoho Mail offers a single free Email hosting with your domain name. Which is perfect for you to get going online. Along with Zoho Mail, you will also able to use Calendar, Task, and Note applications, which are integrated with the email.

How to Set-up Zoho Mail?

The first thing to host the email address with Zoho is to have a domain name. Once you have registered a domain name you can go to Zoho.com and sign up a new account using an existing email ID. 

After accepting Privacy Policy Zoho will then ask you to update Time Zone. Now go to the Mail icon on the Zoho dashboard and select it. You will see the following screen.

Select the first option i. e. Add your existing domain for Email Hosting with Zoho and create the domain-based address” and enter the captcha. Now Zoho will ask to enter a pre-owned domain. If you don’t have any then buy a new domain name with Zoho. But I would recommend you to register your domain name using GoDaddy, Bluehost, BigRock, etc. 

Once you entered the domain name it will ask you to verify it. If you want you can verify your domain later. Select your domain provider from the drop-down list. Then it will show you how to configure the txt records for the DNS Manager of your domain provider.  

The next step is to enter this record on your domain DNS manager, the process will be slightly different depending on your DNS provider but txt records will remain the same. After entering the txt records onto your DNS provider you need to verify it using Verify by txt button at the bottom. You can also use the CNAME or HTML method to enter the records. If you don’t enter records properly it won’t get verified and you will have to wait until it gets verified. Sometimes this process can take a little more extra time, so if you think you have entered it properly, It would be recommended you should wait for some time. 

The next step is to add a user for the email ID. In this case, you can use your own name or words like info, contact, admin, author, sales, etc. It’s up to you what type of email ID you want. Once you have done that, the next steps include Configure Email Delivery and SPF/DKIM. Give careful attention to these two steps, because if you enter the wrong records your email address will do not function properly and you won’t be able to receive/send an email. 

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We at TechTaza brings all the latest information to you from all over the world. We also covered the basics of Blogging and tutorial related to website development, online earning etc.

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